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Soooo..... Any more good O'Toole/Sharif stories?


none in particulaaaar but there are some cute quotes about what good friends they were and their times together on set uwu

O’Toole described the agony of David Lean’s nearly two-year “Lawrence of Arabia” desert shoot, including the dangerous battle of Aqaba scene. “It was a mass of camels, sheiks, horses, cutlasses, guns,” he said. After one particularly chaotic rehearsal, O’Toole’s co-star Sharif sat wearing his character’s black headscarf and fingering some worry beads. “Omar looked like a nun with a mustache. He said, ‘I’m going to tie myself to my camel.’ I said, ‘Well I’m going to get drunk.’” Both men did as they said they would. When the sequence was done, Sharif was upside-down hugging the camel’s belly, O’Toole said, and O’Toole was to be cited by a film critic for the “messianic zeal” on his face. “Messianic zeal!” he snorted.

and how Peter would address Omar

Q: Is it true you have always called Omar Sharif “Fred” because you never believed anyone would have a name like Omar Sharif?

A: Of course. Good old Fred. How could he be called Omar Sharif? I came to see his airplane [land on location] and here is this beautiful young man with black hair and the whiskers staring out of the window and they said he was Omar Sharif. I said, “That’s impossible.”

and this one is also really cute ah it’s Omar commenting on their friendship

"We were complete brothers. We slept in the same tent. We ate the same food. … At night, we put our table outside the tent — the sky was wonderful at night, the stars were wonderful — we just sat there and talked and had some whiskey. We used to like having our whiskey at night. And we became very close friends."



Omar Sharif | Egyptian Cinema

#shit he looks like raimi malek

How scary is it that when I was trying to do my own personal casting for the Peter O’Toole bio-pic that exists only in my head that I cast Rami as Omar?

What made the scene was the near-boredom of the three minutes of preparation. - David Lean

What made the scene was the near-boredom of the three minutes of preparation. - David Lean


on the subject of kiddie pictures: meet fred and ned.