To those who have seen Rosemary’s Baby, is it super scary? Did you watch it alone or with somebody else? ‘Cause I really want to see it, but even The Night of the Hunter freaked me out a lot, so I don’t know if I’m ready for this yet?

  1. sonnet394tobrandon answered: Better than The Exorcist (1973) I think. :)
  2. abotanicalmind answered: I didn’t think it was bad at all. It’s more just “creepy” & not “scary”. Just sort of weird! You should be able to watch by youself & be fine
  3. maudit said: oh if night of the hunter freaked out you then idk sorry missed that part
  4. missavagardner answered: Yeah it is scary and creepy you should probably watch it with someone, also watch Repulsion other Polanski masterpiece.
  5. zomgmouse said: Watched it in a cinema and it’s slightly spooky, although I’m not usually one to be freaked out by much. It’s very much in the paranoid style of filmmaking rather than overt horror, although there is one scene…
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